Combo Nativa Spa Matcha: Complete Line

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Combo Nativa Spa Matcha: Complete Line
Nativa SPA Matcha brings the nutritional power of Quinoa with Matcha extract, an ingredient rich in polyphenols, with high antioxidant power and calming effect. The Nativa SPA Matcha combo complete line provides purification, revitalization and protection of the skin and hair against the impurities and toxins of everyday life.

The Matcha Body Deodorant Detox Lotion provides deep hydration and leaves the skin soft and renewed, in addition to protecting it from everyday impurities. In the Complete Combo it is available in 400ml and 200ml version to take with you always.

The Matcha Detox Exfoliating Liquid Soap removes all impurities from the skin, preparing it to receive hydration.

The Body Splash Deodorant Cologne Matcha is from the Aromatic Citrus Aromatic family, unisex and prolongs the freshness after bathing, in addition to providing a pleasant scent throughout the day.

The Matcha Detox Facial Mask has a powerful anti-fatigue effect and eliminates impurities such as waste, sweat, oil and pollution.

The Hair Exfoliating, Shampoo and Conditioner will help to care for your hair by deeply cleaning the scalp, purifying and giving lightness to the strands. Ideal for all hair types.

Konjac Sponge is infused with green tea and helps to remove excess oil from the skin.

The entire line is vegan and has formulas with up to 97% natural ingredients and sustainable packaging.

The complete combo is perfect to include in your personal care routine or to give that special someone a treat! <3

The combo contains:

01 Nativa SPA Detox Lotion Matcha Body Deodorant, 400 ml

01 Nativa SPA Detox Lotion Matcha Body Deodorant, 200 ml

01 Nativa SPA Matcha Detox Exfoliating Liquid Soap, 200ml

01 Nativa SPA Matcha Detox Facial Mask, 70 g

01 Nativa SPA Body Splash Deodorant Matcha Cologne, 200 ml

01 Nativa SPA Matcha Detox Shampoo, 300 ml

01 Nativa SPA Matcha Detox Conditioner, 300 ml

01 Nativa SPA Matcha Detox Hair Scrub, 175ml

01 Nativa SPA Konjac Sponge

Category: Body and bath | Skin care | Hair

Brand: Nativa SPA

Line: Matcha

100% vegan line

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