Hinor HDC 2000 Batstaka – 150 Watts RMS Driver

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Hinor HDC 2000 Batstaka – 150 Watts RMS Driver
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HINOR’s Batstaka HDC 2000 driver is designed to reproduce with high quality and SPL as high frequencies. Its coil and phenolic membrane are reinforced to meet the requirements of professional use.

Quick-connect connector;
Unisheet coil and copper wire, which guarantee high resistance;
Connection between the terminal and the coil through copper / phosphorous tape, which prevents the break with sound vibrations;
Magnetic set designed by FEM software, ensuring high flow in the GAP;
Phenolic diaphragm.

Technical specifications:
Frequency (Hz @ -10 dB) 400 – 9000 Hz
Cut Frequency High Pass at 900 Hz
Music power 450 W
Sensitivity 110 dB.W / m
RMS Power: RMS Power (with capacitor 22uF / 100V) 75 W
RMS power (with crossover 1000 Hz 12 dB / 8th) 175 W
RMS power (with 2000 Hz 12 dB / 8th crossover) 225 W
Black color
Dimensions (H x W x D cm): 8.00×18.00×20.00
Weight: 4,000 Kg
Code: 31133

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