Lot of 5 Stetsom STX2448 Digital Automotive Signal Processor

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Lot of 5 Stetsom STX2448 4-Channel Digital Automotive Signal Processor
Stetsom presented another novelty for the automotive sound market: the Stetsom STX 2448 Processor with Sequencer.
The main novelty is the option of the 3 sequential remote outputs, which assist in the management of the amplifiers.
With the new function, devices can be turned on or off with a time setting, preventing loudspeakers from clicking.
This happens when we turn off the sound and the audio signal is interrupted by the players and processors, but the amplifiers (especially the stronger ones that have more components), remain energized for a few more seconds, generating a crack and potentially damaging the system besides generating a certain discomfort to the listener.
In addition to the new function, the Stx 2448 continues with the graphic and parametric equalizer, phase inverter, crossover, audio generator, limiter, delay and independent gain.
It has 2 input channels and 4 stereo output channels and is mounted on a highly resistant sheet steel housing.
See the technical specifications in the model:
• Number of Input Channels: 2
• Number of Output Channels: 4
• Graphic Input Equalizer: 15 Bands, Gain ± 12dB, 12 Equalization Presets
• Parametric Equalizer: Gain ± 12dB (1 Input + 1 per Output)
• Q factor 0.4 to 10.0
• Crossover with variable frequency: Butterworth 12/18/24/36/48 dB / 8th Linkwitz-Riley 12/18/24/36/48 dB / 8th
• Routing between Inputs and Outputs: A, B or A + B
• Delay: 0 to 8ms (275cm)
• Phase: 0 ° or 180 °
• Limiter: Threshold -24 to 0dB Automatic Attack / Release
• Output Gain: -45 to + 15dB
• Master Level: 0 to 100%
• Save / Load Memory Positions: 5 memory positions
• Security: 4-digit security password
• Audio generator: 10Hz to 22KHz,
• Level -60 to 0dB
• Sweep: Freq. start and end 10Hz to 22KHz
• Level -60 to 0dB Speed ​​control
• Screen Saver: Editable text with 15 positions
• Latency: 1.08ms
• Input Impedance: 10k Ohms
• Output Impedance: 47 Ohms
• Signal to Noise Ratio:> 90dB
• Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.01%
• Channel Separation:> 80dB
• Frequency Response: 10Hz to 22.5KHz @ -1dB
• Max. Input Voltage: 4.5 Vpp (+6.3 dBu)
• Max. Output Voltage: 4.5 Vpp (+6.3 dBu)
• Power: 10V to 15V DC
• Current Consumption: 350mA @ 12.6V DC
• Dimensions (H x W x D) mm: 37x200x101 mm
• Weight Kg: 455gProduct Details
Stetsom STX2448 Digital Audio Processor 4 Stereo Outputs
For those passionate about quality sound, audio processors provide enhanced audio while reducing the amount of noise. Processors receive the signal from the device and improve the response curve so that the sound does not have so many ups and downs and comes out according to its correct frequency.
This Stetsom STX2448 digital audio processor has 2 input channels and 4 output channels, 15-band equalizer, with 12 equalization presets to make the sound more like your sound taste. It serves from the lowest to the highest frequencies, with a response from 10Hz to 22,500Hz and great sensitivity, so the sound is more audible and pleasant.

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