Stetsom Stm-0803 Automotive Sound Table 3 Ch Aux 12v Mic Rca

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Automotive Sound Mixer 12v Stm0803 3 Channels 4 Eq. Band
Number of frequency bands 4
Number of RCA 2 outputs
Number of RCA 2 inputs
Maximum output voltage 12V
Low frequency separator switch: Yes
Separate subwoofer volume control: No
Automotive Sound Table Stetsom STM-0803 3 Channels Aux Rca Microphone 12v Equalizer 4 Bands
Equalize your sound in a totally professional way, being able to explore the most diverse configurations to leave it to your liking, with the possibility of editing in 4 bands with high performance and fidelity and very low noise and distortions. Know some characteristics:
4 Band Equalizer
XLR / P10 / RCA inputs
Phase rotation
No converter required
Is the Stetsom STM-0803 3-Channel Auxiliary Rca 12v Sound Table good and has a microphone input?
Yes! The Stetsom STM-0803 3-Channel Auxiliary Rca 12v Sound Table is good and has 1 microphone input
Technical specifications Stetsom Sound Table STM-0803
Protection: Short Circuit (Resettable Thermal Fuse): 12V Input / Remote Output / Polarity Reversal: 12V Input / Remote Input
Frequency Response (-3dB): 1Hz ~ 75KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.01% THD
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): 110dB
Channel 1 Input Sensitivity: Mic (XLR) Min: 840mV ~ Max: 14mV / Line (P10) Min: 1.8V ~ Max: 26mV
Sensitivity of Channels 2 and 3 Inputs: Line (P10 / Rca) Min: 1.9V ~ Max: 45mV
4 Equalization Bands per Channel: Low ± 15dB (80Hz) / Mid Low ± 15dB (500Hz) / Mid High ± 15dB (3K5Hz) / High ± 15dB (12KHz)
Channel 1 Input Impedance: Mic (XRL): Unbalanced 4KOhms / Balanced 8KOhms / Line (P10): Unbalanced: 8.5KOhms / Balanced: 17KOhms
Impedance of Inputs of Channels 2 and 3: Line (P10): Unbalanced 95KOhms / Line (Rca): Unbalanced 95KOhms
Output Impedance: Main Out (P10 / Rca): 47R / Aux Out (P10 / Rca): 47R
Maximum Output Level: Main Out (P10 / Rca) 16dBu / 4.9Vac / Aux Out (P10 / Rca): 16dBu / 4.9Vac
Supply Voltage (POWER Connector): 9 ~ 16Vdc
Maximum Consumption: 250mA
Remote Input (REM Connector): 9 ~ 16Vdc
Remote Output (REM Connector): 350mA
Dimensions (H x W x D): 46.5 x 151 x 199.5mm
Weight: 700g
The installation must be done by a specialized professional.
We are not responsible for improper installation.
The images are merely illustrated, changes may occur without prior notice, but the technical characteristics are always preserved.

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